Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tender Mercies

About three weeks we had a family come to the Young Single Adult Family Home Evening.  They were here visiting Spain from Idaho and the dad had served a mission here in Madrid.  The mom also served a Spanish speaking mission and they were here with two of their teen-age daughters; the older of the two has her mission call and leaves soon.  It was fun to talk to them.  They asked for some information so Bruce took their email address down and emailed them the info.  Two days later we were coming up the steps from the metro when another family stopped us.  They were from Park City and he had served a mission in Madrid and they had a couple of their sons with them; the older of the two has his mission call and leaves soon.  What a coincidence, we said.  We just met another family like yours.  By chance did you know an Elder Nelson while you were here?  He said he was his companion here in Madrid.  We told him he was here and so we got his email address also and sent them both an email with each other's addresses.  We heard back that after 31 one years they got together again and stayed up until 2am catching up.  We were delighted that we could help bring those two companions together again.  First time back in Spain for each of them.

Last Saturday we were asked to sing at a baptism in Barrio 1 which is in Cuatro Caminos.  We took the metro and came up and the GPS wasn't working on Bruce's toy.  So we stood there on the corner trying to figure which direction to go and starting to get a little panicky because we only had 15 minutes to get there when up out of the metro came the Elders who are also assigned to that ward.  So they walked us to the chapel.  What a tender mercy.

Also, a couple of weeks ago our dear friend Erick came to visit.  His work sent him here to deliver a speech and he had about 24 hours in Madrid.  So he emailed us for our wish list for delivering postage free anything he could fit in his suitcase. (He had to bring 2 suitcases for an overnight stay, but was able to pack the little one into the big one for the return flight.)  It was so fun to see Erick and talk to him and show him our apartment and temple square.  The only bad thing was that his wife didn't come and that he couldn't stay longer!  We felt so loved.

In the lobby of the Hotel de las Letras

       We took Erick out on the street and then into the metro to go to our apartment.

Here we are visiting in our apartment.

And finally we went to temple square and showed him the MTC and the temple.

We are so blessed!

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  1. Awesome! Uncle Erick looks the same! You could all be right back at BYU. Okay that may be a stretch.