Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Pix

The Hermanas of B6 with a girl who will be baptized.

The District--H. Rojas, E. Ridd, E. McWhorter, H. Fowers, H. Galvez, H. Clements, H. Hadley, E. Larsen, E. Nickerl.

Basketball on P-day--it's a vicious sport!
Here are some more random pictures of what we do.

Hermanas Sanchez and Frost in Segovia (I think that is Hermana Riggs peaking over Bruce's shoulder).

Hermanas Braithwaite, me, Schaumann, and Nydegger

Being the nurse.

She fell down the stairs and broke her ankle (not me).

With Elder Barlow--his grandparents were our dorm parents and we used to babysit his father when he was a baby.

One of the highlights of the week--singing by the temple.  We will miss this.  Our piano leaves for home next week!

With Elder Bartholomew--his mother is a friend of mine.

The Elders collect ties.  This Hermana collects scarves!

Giancarlo and Carla Giorgino--a very special couple from Italy that taught in the MTC

With our special friends the Giorginos.

These are boxes of petunias arranged to look like a bush.

Our dear friends Jack Tyndale and Marta Brossa on their sealing day.

Random Pictures

Here are just a few things that we have been doing lately, including piso inspections.  Have to make sure the living quarters of our missionaries are clean and safe.
With Herman Meredith Grace Christian on her last Sunday in Spain.

Live wires in an apartment.

Broken door.

Broken vanity

Las chicas de oro.  Maria Jesus, Maria Carmen, Presi, and Maltilda

The Elders need to learn how to dust!



Love this painting in the Hermana's apartment.

This one also!

Old subway car

Hermana Toone from our stake now in the Madrid MTC