Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eye Candy for the Moms of Missionaries

These random pictures were taken while we were having formal pictures taken of each district and each missionary with President and Sister Sitterud.  The missionaries will receive copies of those pictures.  Here are the ones I took.

H. Noriega, Grant, Cameron, and Chance

H. Folsom & Bennett

E. Whitworth, England, Evans, Allen, Thomson

E. Shoell & Clark

E. Quesne (Kane) & Nielsen

E. Thomson, Evans, Allen, & England

E. Singerman & Mercado

Ancianos de Angelis & Bendezu

H. Mather, Heims, Chance, Cameron, & Grant

E. Robinson, Dunn, & Franklyn

Elder Holt

H. O'Keefe, Hemsley, Crockett, Woodbury, Shill, Findlay, Walker

E. Dunn, Franklyn, & Benton

H. Grant, Fowers, Noriega, & Nydegger

E. Whitworth & Nielsen

Us with the 2 Italian Elders

Nefi District

E. Allen & England

E. Dunn & Singerman

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  1. I'm not a Mom of one of those missionaries, but they do look good!