Friday, July 12, 2013

Some photos of the MTC missionaries

These pictures are of just half the missionaries going to and in Retiro park last Saturday, finding contacts and placing copies of the Book of Mormon.

Bubba sporting his new hat and murse.

Hermanas setting their goals.

Sisters on Temple Square with entrance to the MTC building behind them.

Hermanas Hemsley and Walker

Praying for guidance.

Walking to the metro station.

Funny geezer in a hat with a teacher.

Our 4th of July luncheon.

With Hermana Sitterud in front.


  1. The hat doesn't surprise me, but the murse...I don't know.

  2. Sister Sullivan, thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy your blog. My name is Vicky Wilson, and my son, Elder Landon Wilson was in the MTC last month. So, are you and your husband missionaries called to serve just in the Madrid MTC? Thank you for updating us on Elder Ward. What a privilege for you to know him, our son felt the same way. There are two pictures you posted on this day that I absolutely love! I don't know if you will have time or not, but if you can email these 2 pictures to me, I will so much appreciate it!!! One picture is of the group of elders turning the corner to walk down the stairs. I think they're going to the metro. The other picture I love is of our son and his companion talking to a person sitting on a garbage can in the park. It's fun to see the missionaries in action, you never get pictures like that!!! We also love so much the 3 songs you recorded. I listen to them a lot, and feel the spirit so strong as they sing. Thank you for taking care of all these amazing missionaries! Our email address is: wilhome@
    With much love,
    Vicky Wilson