Monday, July 22, 2013

MTC Missionary Choir Part 2

Our last blog, MTC Missionary Choir (Part 1) contained still shots of our missionaries who are just leaving the MTC this morning, (July 23rd) for their respective fields of labor, either Barcelona, Madrid, or Malaga.  This post contains links to video of their singing on the temple steps on Sunday July 14.  We hope you enjoy listening to these wonderful young people. Here are the 3 links:

Friday, July 19, 2013

MTC Choir July 14, 2013

Almost every Sunday night we have the opportunity to go out on the steps by the temple and sing praises to the Lord.  It is the perfect ending to a spiritually fulfilling day.  All day Sunday we get to listen to outstanding missionaries and leaders preach and inspire us and then at the close of the day we unite our voices together and sing like angels.  Passersby stop and listen.  People in their apartments across the street open their windows.  The temple missionaries come out and listen.  We sing from our hearts, so grateful to the Lord for all His blessings, trying in some small to thank Him.

This one is for Grandma!

With President Sitterud

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eye Candy for the Moms of Missionaries

These random pictures were taken while we were having formal pictures taken of each district and each missionary with President and Sister Sitterud.  The missionaries will receive copies of those pictures.  Here are the ones I took.

H. Noriega, Grant, Cameron, and Chance

H. Folsom & Bennett

E. Whitworth, England, Evans, Allen, Thomson

E. Shoell & Clark

E. Quesne (Kane) & Nielsen

E. Thomson, Evans, Allen, & England

E. Singerman & Mercado

Ancianos de Angelis & Bendezu

H. Mather, Heims, Chance, Cameron, & Grant

E. Robinson, Dunn, & Franklyn

Elder Holt

H. O'Keefe, Hemsley, Crockett, Woodbury, Shill, Findlay, Walker

E. Dunn, Franklyn, & Benton

H. Grant, Fowers, Noriega, & Nydegger

E. Whitworth & Nielsen

Us with the 2 Italian Elders

Nefi District

E. Allen & England

E. Dunn & Singerman

Friday, July 12, 2013

Some photos of the MTC missionaries

These pictures are of just half the missionaries going to and in Retiro park last Saturday, finding contacts and placing copies of the Book of Mormon.

Bubba sporting his new hat and murse.

Hermanas setting their goals.

Sisters on Temple Square with entrance to the MTC building behind them.

Hermanas Hemsley and Walker

Praying for guidance.

Walking to the metro station.

Funny geezer in a hat with a teacher.

Our 4th of July luncheon.

With Hermana Sitterud in front.