Thursday, December 13, 2012

Graduation Day!

Here's a shot of the nurses and their spouses that went through missionary training this week with us:
Next to Vivienne is Sister Fuller: Paraguay
Then the Atkins: Atlanta, Georgia, North
Sister Gilbert, New Jersey
The Kearsleys: North and South Dakota
Yeah, I know.  We won the missionay nurse lottery.  Spain is best by far.  We tried to be humble all week, but it was hard not to smile every time we mentioned.

 This picture is mainly for Dave.  This is Dr. and Sister Hebertson.  He serves on the Missionary Health Executive Council (I think).  Anyway, Dave he delivered you!
 This is Dr. Doty who serves as Executive Director of Health for the Missionary Department.  It's hard to pick favorites because there were so many incredible health care professionals that taught us, But Dr. Doty is an amazing man. It was an amazing week!
Now we just have to concentrate on learning Spanish until the visa arrives.  Keep praying with us that it comes sooner rather than later.


  1. I'm just so proud of you guys!!!


  2. This is Dave," I thought that guy looked familiar. Now I know why!"

  3. Awesome! I am glad you two got to take a break this weekend and go hear the choir after all that training. We are proud of you.

    BTW, I talked to Eli's Preschool teacher and her parents are the Browns.