Friday, December 7, 2012

Last Day of First Week

I failed to mention in the last blog that the reason we took a picture of Vivienne standing in front of the painting, Standard of Truth is because it's the same artist, Frank Thomas, that painted the two pictures in the entry of our home; Leaving Nauvoo and Joseph & Brigham.
Yesterday on one of our short breaks we stepped into the laundry at the MTC.  There are 269 units, either washers or dryers, lined up along 2 isles similar to this one that is in the picture.  It was amazing to just stand there and look at it and think of all the clothes that go through there on a weekly basis.

We were told yesterday that on average 350-400 new missionaries come through the MTC each week, but in January it's jumping up to a new level: they are expecting 700 a week.  Being here and seeing how busy it is, I can't imagine how they're going to accomplish it.  On Wednesdays they go through 30 5-gallon containers of ice cream from the BYU Creamery; in other words 150 gallons.
This is the last week of the "old" Senior Missionary program that will house the training here on site at the MTC.  They are making arrangements to move it all to an adjacent Stake Center, at least for the time being.
We just checked again with the Travel Office and still no visas.  They are not expecting any from Spain until the end of the year.
This was our District at the MTC.  Elder Sullivan was District Leader, Sister Haslam (Oklahoma, Tulsa mission) Sister Fuller (Paraquay mission), Elder Wilford & Sister Woodruff [no kidding on the name] (Canada, Montreal mission), Elder & Sister Trotter (Washington, Tocoma mission)


  1. It is pretty amazing! Aren't you just glad that you don't have to do all that laundry? Oh, speaking of which I should go do mine...

  2. The laundry room looks a lot bigger than it did in 1996... btw- JOSEPH and BRIGHAM are now hanging in my front room above my desk. They were really nice to have at the RS activity, too.

  3. Also, I think 18M was the building I taught in. So, I guess it's technically also where I met my husband.