Monday, December 3, 2012

First Day of Our Mission

This is awesome!  We are having so much fun.  
The trip to the MTC was full of anticipation, like, "What are we getting into?"
But there was no need for concern.  They are SOOO organized in the church; it's really a marvel to behold.  They held our hands all along the way and it was so smooth.
The food is good.  We certainly don't stay hungry very long.
They are so full at the MTC that they put up most of the Senior Missionaries in the Downtown Provo Marriott Hotel, with every amenity you could want, including hot tub and swimming pool.
It's so nice to be seniors and able to go swimming, etc.  Wish we had brought our swim suits.

Here's a picture of our humble sleeping quarters.  Missions are SUCH a sacrifice!

Some of you have asked for a copy of the quote from Vivienne's talk last Sunday about Sacrifice versus Consecration:

Quote from Ron Crapo
I’d like to share the single greatest lesson I have learned during my fifteen years in the Choir.  All of us who serve in this organization have a singular opportunity for service in a calling requiring significant amounts of our time over an extended tenure.  No other callings in the Church are quite like it.
Sacrifice implies a sense of loss: giving up something for a greater good.  Our service could certainly be described as a sacrifice.  Alternatively, we could describe our service as an act of consecration.  Consecration does not imply a sense of loss: it is a gift freely given; the reciprocation of blessings richly bestowed on us by the Lord.
As we serve here together, some are sacrificing while others are consecrating.  The difference lies in our attitude.  If we tend to murmur our dissatisfactions we are sacrificing.  If we take things is stride we are more likely consecrating.  Sacrifice and consecration make essentially the same demands upon our time and talents, but we experience more joy and satisfaction when our attitudes reflect the higher purpose found in consecration.

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  1. Well, that looks a lot different than the room I stayed in while at the MTC, but that room was luxurious compared to what I lived in afterwards...