Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sorry, more Christmas

I just wanted to record a few more pictures of our only Christmas in Spain.  These are pictures of our nativity on Christmas Eve, and our singing at a nursing home plus a couple of pictures of our delivering things to the homeless.

The three kings.

Hermanas Ramos and Samuelson giving food to the homeless.

Lady in the corner with food and blanket we gave her.

At the nursing home, getting ready to sing.

Singing at the nursing home.

Shepherds visited by the angel.

MTC missionaries singing for the Temple missionaries.

Elder Sullivan fitting in at the nursing home.

Another view of the nursing home.

Clara Benito playing cello with a duet accompaniment.


  1. Keep posting Christmas all year if you like. It's always good to see the good you are doing.

  2. i will be the last one to complain about Christmas stuff in January!

  3. I agree with Heather and Michelle. I haven't even started posting my pictures...but I think I now have them all on my computer!