Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Part III

It's now Jan. 1, the new year (2014?  Really?) has already begun, but I'm still back-posting.  Sorry.  I'll never get everything posted, so this is my last one.  Then I'll move on and stride into this new year.  Actually I'm posting this under some protest.  Vivienne insists that I post it in the hopes that someone will play it for my mom (it's great to have a fan, no matter how imperfect something is-mom's are great).  It was recorded off a little hand-held digital camera, and it DID actually sound a lot better live.  What you can't hear because the little camera didn't pick it up, was a nice solid organ accompaniment in addition to the piano, which substantially enhanced the performance.  So, that's my excuse.


  1. Zeke is sitting here in my lap, pointing at the computer and saying Bubba over and over again. I think he likes it! I'm trying to figure out how to share that on FaceBook!