Thursday, April 4, 2013

Who's The Favorite Child NOW???

We got a terrific surprise today when the mail arrived at the MTC.  I think the pictures say it all.
Stuffed full of things that just aren't available here in Spain.  I'll just say it made Vivienne's day. No, week.  No, month.
For those who may have missionary sons or daughters here in Spain and who read our blog, and want to send useful things to eat or ingredients to use, here's a couple of things not sold here:  brown sugar, crystal light, molasses among other things.  Even things like powdered sugar and decent chocolate chips and good American candy are hard to find once you're out of the main shopping areas of Madrid, and even in Madrid they are hard to find (and expensive).  
Any missionary will love a small care package.  And it came through with no damage and no additional tariff or customs charge, which surprised us. It came "priority mail" which costs a ton ($78, but it was indeed heavy), so look for a less expensive mailing option if that's a concern.


  1. I knew you'd get my package.

  2. You're so funny, Dave, we know if it was from you, all the jelly beans would be bitten in half!!!

    P.S. Priority Mail was half the price of Fed Ex. I couldn't get a quote on line from UPS, and I was too pregnant to run around to UPS stores.
    You can put up to 20 pounds in the large Priority box, ours was 19 lbs. I will be sure to add another pound of something next time!

  3. Ouch! I guess I can be the favorite child for other reasons! I'll have to try harder.

  4. Increible, Hermano y que modo de rogar. Pareceria desesperado y hambreado...Por lo menos, no faltara jamon...:)

  5. ahhh i love the chocolates and the candies :). Can I be the favorite child? hehehe.

    Thanks by the way!

    ricky rodriguez