Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Link for the Missionary Choir

Sorry about not posting this link as well last time, but Brother Zimmerman put up one of our other songs and I want the parents of the missionaries who may check our blot to have a chance to see the sons or daughters.  They are such an awesome group.  We sing a lot.  A couple of times a week we have a youth group from somewhere in Spain who comes to Temple Square and part of their activity usually includes a tour of the Missionary Training Center and a short presentation by President Sitterud, who always asks the missionary choir to perform.  I'm going to miss this group, who leave for their fields of labor in 3 days.
The link:


  1. Thanks for posting this one also! I know at least 2 complete families who are pretty thrilled about being able to see our girls in action in Spain! I tried to comment and tell Bro. Zimmerman thank you also for recording it, but I am a bit tech challenged. If you would pass that along for us, I'd appreciate it! Thanks for all you do for the missionaries! :)

  2. Thank you for posting this! You and the staff at the Mardid Spain have done an outstanding job will all the kids as you have gotten them ready for the real world!

    Thanks again and my the lord bless you!

    Sharm and Susie Smith

  3. I always salute every missionaries around the world for doing such a difficult task in life.

    God Bless and keep it up.

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