Thursday, January 17, 2013

Visas have arrived!

So, hallelujah, the visas for about 50 missionaries to Spain arrived yesterday.  We received word that we would be receiving our visas on Tuesday, January 22 at 9:30 AM from the Spanish Consul (Senor Lago) and that we fly out on Wednesday morning for Madrid, through Atlanta.  This evening I received an email from the MTC President in Madrid, President Sitterud, welcoming us and telling us that he has already slated us to speak to the missionaries in the Madrid MTC one week from Sunday, so we'll hit the ground running (or crawling as fast as we can).
We will spend one week at the Madrid MTC while our residency papers are being processed and then we expect to get our assignment from our mission president, President Jackson.  It's kind of exciting.  Not sure what we'll be doing.  Our expectation is that the medical part of our call will not take up all of our time, in fact very little of it according to Pres. Jackson.  We'll see.
Our time at the MTC has been productive.  We can now speak Spanish.  We think.  Probably not.  But we'll find out next week!
Hasta luego, and thanks for all your prayers on our behalf.  Keep 'em coming.


  1. Pienso que deben escribir todos sus posts en espanol. Queremos ver si realmente pueden hablar... pues, vamos a skype de todos modos, entonces, pudimos ver si estan hablando bien o no.
    Que tengan un buen viaje!

  2. have a great flight--excited for you, for this to finally be on its way