Sunday, January 6, 2013

No Visa; Just Gratitude

Well, guess what?  No visas again this past week.  You might think we're really discouraged about that, and I'll admit we'd love to be in Madrid right now.  For lots of reasons:
1.  It's 4-7 degrees Fahrenheit at night and only 19-20 in the day for the past 2 weeks.
2.  The inversion layer outside is so unhealthy I have to breathe through a scarf because of my asthma.
3.  There's a norovirus epidemic going through the MTC in Provo this past week.  300 confirmed cases last Friday.
4.  I've had an upper respiratory infection for 2 weeks.  Last night I took the last Augmentin and I'm over it, just barely.  I had a Priesthood blessing last week and that night my fever broke. 
However, we are NOT discouraged.  We have been richly blessed. 
1.  Our language has improved a lot. 
2.  We were able to be here when our kids, Erick and Kristin and kids, came from Carlsbad, NM to Sandy for a funeral and we enjoyed their company for an entire week.
3.  Our companionship has grown immensely. 
Bubba and Caden, the Cuddly
Bubba & Ty-Ty
 At Carol DuBreuil's Funeral
 Freezing Cold
 Erick with Ty-Ty & Caden.  Nana seated.  Bishop John Wayne in hat.
 Bill, Carol's husband, alongside Linda Morrow and Ericka Campbell
 Cierra was sick, and miserably cold
 Kristin in center.
 Mackenzie.  Talented and beautiful


  1. AND your wife got to see Les Miz!

  2. We are grateful for your gratefulness. We keep praying that your visas will come. Sickness is everywhere. Yesterday our family fast had two focuses. One that the nasty virus that has been running around our house for the past six weeks will leave, and second that Nana and Bubba can get their visas!
    Love you.

  3. Thanks for blogging all of those pics! We hardly took any while we were there. All though the circumstances were terrible, we are so happy that we got to spend some time with you guys. I hope that your visa's arrive soon! Love you both!