Tuesday, June 3, 2014

April Fun

We had such a great time with our family that came to visit us in April.  You can see some wonderful pictures on their blog site http://www.heatherdsullivan.blogspot.com.es/

Here are some random photos:

Our entry way looking out to the landing--rewiring some electrical stuff. It took a month but now we have modern automatic lighting in the halls and entry of the apartment building.  We like it.

More wiring (I don't know why I thought this noteworthy). Lots of dust.

Elders Cloward, McCallister, Mullins, and Eskelsen and Hermanas Manner and Cabrera and Bubba.  Our District.

Now here's some warriors! At the Alcazar in Segovia.

Vivienne, Isaac, ?, Elder Riggs, Javier, Helen, Dave, Eli, Heather and Drew in Segovia, at Restaurant Plaza Mayor

Good looking knights. In Segovia waiting in the tourist center for the thunderous downpour of rain to stop.

In the tourist center waiting for rain to stop.  The boys found fun everywhere.

The boys playing Spain's favorite sport, soccer, in park by our apartment.

Everywhere we went we had to eat! Heather blogged that this was her favorite meal.  A restaurant across the plaza from the Opera House in Madrid.  It was good, especially the sausage and baked potatoes.

The bubble maker at Palacio Real with the boys.

the picture of the headless man and Isaac would have been more impressive with a different background.

Eli with headless man. He then "got" to put a euro in the money can next to the cane.

Sleeping on the couch.

Sleeping on the floor.

Train station in Toledo.

At the zoo. It's a huge zoo and really nice animals displays.  We also toured the Faunia, a nature park close to our apartment that was even more amazing, but our camera ran out of battery power that day.  So sad, too bad.

Feeding the bears was permissible; thankfully there was a big ditch between them and us.  This guy caught most of the morsels of food right out of the air.  Well-trained bear.

Koala. Cute fuzzy little animals. 

Feeding the Flamencos.  Viv got the eating out of her hand better than the rest of us.  We learned that flamencos are basically an ornery species with a very well-established pecking order, so to speak. The big guy basically rules.

Pandas. They eat.  A lot.  All the time.

Nana's first selfie, waiting for the dolphin show at the zoo.

Part 2

The dolphins did amazing things, that really impressed the boys.  Not many pictures, but if you've ever seen a dolphin show, you have an idea of the amazing feats they performed.  There were a bunch of them, maybe 7.

Parade watchers.

Parade photographer

The icon paraded in the street.

On the metro on the way to the airport.

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