Friday, April 18, 2014

Enjoying the missionaries

This is what you call back-blogging I guess.  It is so easy to get behind in sharing our experiences because we are living them!  WE LOVE being missionaries and are so grateful for the blessings that we have been given.

P-day at a bowling alley with Hermanas Endicott, Mather, Aagard, O'keeffe, Shelton, and Scheu.

Hermanas Scheu, Frost, Heims, Snelson, and Crandall.

Hermanas Hansen (from Norway) and Shelton

Bubba with Hermanas Stepp and Olsen on the last day of their mission.

A bunch of temple missionaries going out to see the sites of Madrid on their P-day.

Claire (from England) and Clara Benito at a JAS dance in March

Hermana Daniella Moreno just before she leaves for a mission to Osorno, Chile
 We had the opportunity to go to the Las Palmas in the Canary Islands and stay with our good friends the Buhlers.  We had the best time ever.  The Buhlers were with us for the nearly two months we spent at the Provo MTC and flew to Spain with us late in January of 2013.  They are going home soon and they will be missed!  They were awesome missionaries and worked so hard and did so much good.
Meeting our friends the Buhlers at the airport.

Elder Buhler, Tiare, Hna Smith, Hna Fowers, Sister Buhler, and Sister Sullivan in Las Palmas

View of the back yard from the old mission home in the Canary Islands.

Laura and Vivienne at the beach at the south end of the island, Gran Canary.

The water was gorgeous.

Tons of lizards and these flowers grow like weeds.

It is a desert island.

Hermana Sullivan with Hermana Smith at the JAS Institute in Las Palmas

The Buhlers took us sailing - the harbor of Las Palmas

"I sail!"......  Bubba as the skipper.  Nana was down below feeding the fish.

With the Elders at Telde, Gran Canary--Artesami (?), Sazquela, Rawlinson, and Saunders

The island of Gran Canary, up in the mountains in the center of the island.  The vegetation changes dramatically from the beaches to the mountain top.

Bubba with the canary dog that the islands were named after. Not canary birds as most people think.

On the bell tower of the 15th century cathedral in Las Palmas, with Merit, a lady from Helsinki of all places!

This was the home of Christopher Columbus in the Canary Islands.  I love the wooden balconies.  There is also a lovely courtyard in the center of the building.

Sweeping the streets with palm leaves.

We got spend about five days with the Buhlers and we loved every minute of it.  We are so glad our mission president encouraged us to go visit the Buhlers.  We are so blessed!  The gospel is true and the Lord loves ALL of His children.


  1. Looks like great fun!-From Dave

  2. Your pictures and experiences have been amazing. I love seeing everything you post. Spain is lucky to have you. I recently returned from Utah where i was visiting Brian and the kids during their Spring Break. I continue to recover nicely from my back surgery. I feel great. I missed seeing you on tv with the choir even though its been awhile since you were there. Have you guys had any medical emergencies? Or other crazy stuff happen? Have a good Spring. Love, Sandra

  3. Nice to see you are having such a great time. We miss you here.

  4. And I always thought the bird was named after the islands...