Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chocolate Churros at San Gines in Madrid

For those familiar with Spanish culture, you know about chocolate churros.  I'm told they're quite different in Mexico and Latin America; I don't know.  I had never eaten them before I came to Spain.
With the world's best Spanish tour guides, Paco and Suzi Serrano
The mecca of Spanish chocolate churros is a little restaurant hidden away on a little sidestreet near the center of Madrid, and area called "Sol".  The name of the restaurant is San Gines.  They make their own special brew of chocolate.  Anyway coming to see us: I promise you an outing to San Gines and the best chocolate churros on the planet.

Inside the restaurant.  Pictures of lots of famous people on the walls here.  And a lot of people waiting for a table.  We found a table for 4 in the basement.

Putting on weight has not been a challenge for me here in Spain. 


  1. The ultimate indulgence! We haven't found a good place down here. But this makes me want to look.

  2. that makes me sad I am not there to eat those wonderful churros! Send some to the states! LOL!