Thursday, August 8, 2013

Recognize, Remember and Give Thanks, Part II

I wanted to add these pictures at the end of the previous blog, but "Blogspot" was acting up again and wouldn't let me, so hopefully, following will be the rest of the pictures. Please read Part I first, thanks.
Following surgery
Following surgery
On his feet. A miracle
First Walk

Stash of Goodies - The shirt says: "Cool Story Babe, Now Go Fix Me A Sandwich"
Before surgery, showing misalignment on 3,4 & 6,7

After implantation of plates and fusion or 3,4 & 6,7


  1. Wow, those x-rays made me queasy! You should add a warning at the beginning of this post. Some of my siblings (and my dad!) don't have as good of a stomach as I do :)

    We are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Alaska has never felt so far away!!

  2. We are pleased to hear he is doing well.